1 Download OpenVPN Software

First you need to install OpenVPN software from:
This will also automatically install the required drivers.

Please choose the Installer, Windows Vista and later version.
 It looks like this:Windows Guide Open VPN Installer

2 Download OpenVPN configuration files

After installing OpenVPN, download the OpenVPN configuration files by clicking on the button below.

Download config files

After downloading the configuration files, extract the folder to the following location: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

It should look like this:

Windows Guide configuration files location

3 Launch OpenVPN from your desktop

After extracting the configuration files to the specific config folder, you can launch OpenVPN from your desktop (Run it as administrator). Right click the OpenVPN icon in the quick access tray and select the location you want to connect to.

Windows Guide Open VPN icon

Enter your LaunchVPN email and password and click connect. You can find these details in an email that we sent to you "LAUNCH VPN CREDENTIALS READY!" or if you deleted or lost the email you can change your credentials in the control panel.

Windows Guide connect vpn